LAMTIKA coffee can roast your favourite coffee on request so that it is roasted fresh per order. Each order is artisan roasted fresh and will be delivered within two days of roasting unless delivery is by post. Coffee tastes the best when it is drunk freshly as soon as possible after roasting or grinding the grounds from the whole beans. We recommend that you buy only enough coffee to meet your coffee needs for one month. Once this coffee has been consumed buy freshly roasted coffee so your coffee drinking experience is elevated to the unique excellence of Lamtika's signature aromas and flavours. All LAMTIKA coffee bags are fitted with a one-way valve to keep moisture away from the coffee while at the same time enabling the release of CO2 from the coffee after roasting. This de-gassing process is active for up to a week after roasting. Each bag has a seam to seam ziplock seal. This allows you to reseal the coffee bag after each use so your coffee stays fresh for longer. Just squeeze out any excess air and reseal the bag. For the best storage of your coffee keep the bag out of direct sunlight in a cupboard. These helpful hints will ensure that you enjoy the "best coffee at the best price" every time you drink LAMTIKA coffee.

Nario Gold

Hand graded Colombian 100% arabica dessert quality coffee. Nario Estate (Single Origin), Variety-Typica, Flavor score at cupping 85+/100, Taste profile: Roasted Nuts, Raisin, Apple jam, Chocolate.

$168 HKD per 250g

Huila Gold

Hand graded Colombian 100% arabica dessert quality coffee. huila Estate (Single Origin), Variety-Arabica, Flavor score at cupping 88+/100, Taste profile: Red Wine, grape, Cherry, Cacao.

$168 HKD per 250g


Konga Gold 

Hand graded Ethiopian 100% arabica dessert quality coffee. Province-Yirgarcheffe, Konga Estate, Natural processed beans, Variety-Heirloom, flavour score at cupping 90+/100,

Taste profile: dark berries, blackcurrant, vanilla, pleasant after taste.

$168 HKD per 250g

Dumerso Gold 

Yirgarcheffee Heirloom, Natural process, Dumerso estate 100% Arabica 88/100 flavour score

Taste profile: Chocolate, Strawberry, very sweet, balanced

$168 HKD per 250g


Java Gold 

Kopi Semeru 100% robusta coffee imported from Indonesia Mt. Semeru. Flavour score at cupping 81+/100, Taste profile: with a moderate caffeine kick for those who need the extra stimulation. It offeres a crisp Molasses flavour with a thin body followed by a mild bitter after taste, not lingering.

$168 HKD per 250g

Guatemalan Gold

El Progreso San Juanes estate Bourbon/Pache, washed process, 100% Arabica, 88/100 flavour score. Profile: Well balanced almonds, milk chocolate, sugarcane, sweet and clean.

$168 HKD per 250g

Guatemalan Gold

Oriente estate , natural process, 100% Arabica, 90+/100 flavour score. Profile: Sweet, Dried Fruit, Prune.

$168 HKD per 250g

Panama Gold

Shb Ep Boquete estate , washed process, 100% Arabica, 88+/100 flavour score. Profile: Floral, Balanced, Rum & Raisin, Winey.

$168 HKD per 250g

Honduras Gold

Marcala estate , washed process, 100% Arabica, 88+/100 flavour score. Profile: Sweet, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Roasted almonds, Slightly acidic.

$168 HKD per 250g

Yemen Gold

Mocha Mattari estate , washed process, 100% Arabica, 90+/100 flavour score. Profile: Sweetness, Fruits, Spice, Chocolate, Wine. 

$168 HKD per 250g

Single serve specialty drip coffee sachets:

100% Arabica coffee. No equipment required, simply use a cup and hot water! Ideal for travel or gifts.

You can choose sachets which contain either Gold Label coffee with less caffeine or JAVA Gold coffee with more caffeine.

$128 HKD - Box of 10 sachets

New Product - Walkure (made in Germany) 18K GOLD Trimmed Cappuccino Cup:

A simple yet elegant cappuccino cup  and saucer set masterfully designed by Daniel Eltner. 

$250 HKD per set


New Product - Walkure (made in Germany) 18K GOLD Trimmed Espresso Cup:

A stunning and elegant 18K Gold Espresso cup and saucer set. Excellence is measured with; "the perfect Coffee paired with the Perfect coffee cup". LAMTIKA + Walkure.

$500 HKD per set


New Product - Walkure (made in Germany) 18K GOLD Coffee Cup:

Walkure fine China coffee cup 280mls in 18K Gold with saucer. LAMTIKA + Walkure.

$888 HKD per set

New Product - Stainless steel coffee filter:

Simple and quick to use. All you need is a cup and hot water. A Stainless Steel micro mesh coffee filter will be free for new customers with the purchase of freshly roasted coffee at $168 a bag. 

The perfect gift for travellers and the office.

$128 HKD each

All Purchase requests can be made through - Email:  kimkennelly@lamtikacoffee.com  
                                                                - Mobile:  (852)94274140
Cash on delivery (Free deliveries within Hong Kong Island. Additional fees apply to postal services)
LAMTIKA products can be ordered as (all equal price):

Whole bean 250gms

Coarse ground 250gms for French Press

Medium ground 250gms for Drip Decanter or filter type coffee makers

Finely ground 250gms for espresso machines with no grinder.

Hotshot gourmet sachets contain:

Gold Label or JAVA Gold coffee grounds 8gms, one disposable coffee filter plus an instruction note.

DSC_0612RG logoOur Coffee roaster Mr. Kim Kennelly is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Roasters Guild (RG).

Membership number 6988408.

Certified Coffee Roaster on Coffee-Tech Engineering Ghibli R15 Commercial Coffee Roaster, 11.02.2019

E: kimkennelly@lamtikacoffee.com