Our Coffee – Fresh is BEST!

Gold Label

Gold Label arabica coffee is a dessert quality coffee that begins with hand sorting of the green beans. Before roasting every damaged, diseased or undersized bean
is removed. Once roasting is completed, hand grading begins again to remove all unripe, under-roasted and over-roasted beans. This creates a quality coffee drinking experience second to none. The finished product is a perfectly even tasting coffee with no burnt or bitter flavours creating an oasis of pleasure in this busy world.

Java Gold

Java Gold is a robusta coffee with a moderate caffeine kick for those who need the extra stimulation. This is a new product sourced directly from a coffee plantation near Mount Semeru on the island of Java (Single Origin). The finer hint of dark chocolate and blackberries flavours are a delight. Great for drinking black or with sugar and milk.


100% Arabica from Colombia

Premium speciality 100% arabica coffee beans direct from the best coffee growing district of Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras. Grown at high altitude (6,400 ft. absl+) allowing the cultivation of intense aromas and flavours.

Try also our Robusta coffee with more caffeine from Java, Indonesia.

About us

Lamtika coffee is the penultimate result of a worldwide search and dedication towards excellent coffee. Birthed from the desire to make quality coffee more readily available, Lamtika's coffee roaster (Kim Kennelly) has been roasting coffee since 1992. With scientific advances revealing what makes a great coffee there is a commensurate customer demand for first class coffee. Lamtika is committed to providing top quality specialty coffee at the best price in order to fulfil the aspirations of people to enjoy fine dessert coffee experiences. What's more, Lamtika's GOLD Label coffee delivers a unique refined  taste sensation for coffee lovers without the caffeine side affects, allowing both individuals and clients to relax and enjoy truly gourmet coffee at its best.